Kathy Juncker and Hugh Perkins are certified to facilitate Golden Age courses by The Unveiled Mystery School in Maui www.walktheearthasalivingmaster.com.

We are offering a Golden Age Man and Woman Course  May 26 – 28 at our homestead here in British Columbia. Starting Friday evening and ending Sunday afternoon.

Hugh and Kathy in Maui

Hugh and Kathy in Maui

Hug and Kathy at their wilderness home

Hugh and Kathy at their wilderness home

Now is the time of the Great Awakening.

 The Shift of the Ages.

Many of us are feeling the energy from the earth and the Cosmos calling us to use this unique opportunity to create a new Golden Age. The key to Creating a Golden Age is for each of us to live within the Presence of our own divinity. We have been given tools and exercises to transmute the constricting cellular memories of the past while allowing the memories that expand the light energy to remain, offering a portal into the New Golden Age.

kathy bear den tree web

Kathy entering the ‘Portal’



Encoded in our cells is the memory of a time when we lived in a Golden Age of freedom, power, wisdom and abundance. Divinity was felt in Self as an expression of the One. Our feminine and masculine natures were operating in harmony and equality. The vibration of love sang through all our relationships. But this memory is shrouded in thousands of years of programming from our culture, our parents and our ancestors who have often chosen to learn the lessons of fear and separation. We can revisit these experiences with our thoughts and attempt to heal them one by one or we can choose to leave the patterns of fear based consciousness, thereby allowing us to stay in our Presence and live as Golden Age men and women in this life time.


Sacred Council

You and a small number of participants will be guided by the facilitators, Hugh and Kathy, to form a Sacred Council. In this Council we will bring our consciousness into the present. We will then invite our spiritual guides to join us. From this state of co-union we begin co-creating a new Golden Age.



Homestead grounds

Andara Pendants

Andara Pendants

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